Kishan Sharma
(former Senior Announcer of All India Radio).


“I like his smiling face, polite words, respectful behaviour and soulful singing. I wish him more and more success and very bright future in the field of music. Rarely a musician gets a chance to get blessings from great religious saints. Sumeet has been lucky enough to have been blessed personally by none other than most respected SRI SATHYA SAI BABA. What more can a singer need?" May God bless Sumeet Tappoo.” India



“Sumeet is one such musician with a blessed voice that Gods will come down to hear, with music ably subtly supported by his harmonium playing skills where any song he sings is a harmony of you to your lord. In spite of his extra ordinary musical skills and for being internationally famous, Sumeet conducts himself like an ordinary individual. He is a humble youth who cares for others and works on his projects with a great attention to details. He has worked for many service projects for the good of the community/society. In one statement, He lives the ideal values of Sathya Sai Baba: Love for God (Daiva Preethi), Fear of Sin (Papa Beethi) and Dharmic Law of Society (Sanga Neethi).”



“Sumeet Tappoo brings a gifted vocal quality to absolutely anything he sings, with his deft vocal nuances and soulful singing. He captures the feeling of the song perfectly! His singing comes from a very pure place and the divinity and love for music in his singing, is always evident. Apart from singing, Sumeet has a unique quality of being able to bring people together with his charisma and leadership, leveraging resources to make the biggest impact. He is an invaluable resource to any composer or song writer. His recent collaborative Ghazal album “Destiny” is proof in itself of both these qualities.”

Neela Bhatia


“When I think of Sumeet’s voice, the words that come to mind are “rich, smooth and velvet” and no, its not describing a chocolate or good wine, it is the quality of his voice that pours out from his heart. He is one of those rare people who wears his pure heart on his sleeve. “



“The first time I heard him sing I was blown away. Not just due to the technical capability and musical perfection but more so due to the bhava and immense feeling infused into the songs he sings. It's magical that music can make u forget all worries and act as a medium to connect to God and our inner voice. Such was the ability of Sumeet Bhai through his singing and devotion for music. He's inspired not just me but also many people whom I know to become a better singer mainly through infusing devotion and feelings into every song. Keep singing and inspiring more people!”

Jegadhish R


“When I saw Sumeet performing a Bhajan concert, he spread the divine bliss to everyone who had assembled there with his melodious and mesmerizing singing. For me, he is not less than his Guru Anup Jalota. He is indeed a great singer, a humble devotee of Bhagwan and wonderful human being”.

Daven Kumar


“Seeing Sumeet performing in the San Francisco Bay Area was overwhelming for the Fiji Community. Seeing him in action was amazing. His presence was a perfect overture and his performance was spirited. Im proud to see that he is now on par with India’s renowened singers”.

Vipra Kumar


“Listening to the soulful singing of Sumeet Ji is an absolute joy! I consider myself extremely fortunate to have attended a couple of his concerts which have been engaging and unforgettable experiences. His nectarine voice soothes one's mind and enriches the heart. It is no wonder why he continues to touch so many hearts all across the world!”

Kush Sami

Brisbane Australia

“Sumeet Ji has always been an Inspiration and a role model to me. His singing is mesmerising. One of the few artists that I’ve heard whose voice really touches the heart. His passion for music and willingness to help others on this path is truly humbling. He is a true and complete musician.”

Nalinesh Arun

New Zealand

“What can you say to a singer who raises your emotions, makes you cry and gives you pleasure by the sheer dint of addressing your heart directly? Exceptional”.

Pradeep Dhevnarain

South Africa

“Sumeet Tappoo has a profound conduction of salvation to many souls. Complimenting the heavenly echoes is what is derived from lending a listening ear to his melodious voice”.

Jiten Thakrar

United Kingdom

“I was so happy to find that Sumeet’s personality is like his musical performances: Vibrant, uplifting and warm…. What a true inspiration!”.

Saras Pal Sony


“Sumeet & his team were amazing! They captured us all for good 3 hours”

Gandhi Naidu


“Sumeet is an artist of immeasurable potential”.

Mohini Kumar


“Sumeet creates ‘bhavna’ (feelings) and love and has the power to mesmerize the audience with his melodious voice and charming performance”.

Darshak Mehta


“He not only has a mellifluous voice and an impeccable choice of songs and lyrics but also is able to judge the tastes of his audience and cater to them”.

Sunil Naidu


“His melodious voice flows out from the depth of Truth”.

Preeti Seth


“He has a mesmerizing voice and I find him to be amongst the world’s best Bhajan and Bollywood singers. He doesn’t only sing but appreciates and encourages others as well. It has been real blessing for me to be associated with him.”

Manesh Judge


“Sumeet Tappoo has a thrilling voice from the heavens, which combines an extraordinary tone with melodic and rhythmic mastery”.

Dr. Gunu Naker


“Listening to his music is like being in a state of meditation. He sings with full devotion, which fills his audience with ecstasy. He is and will be a shining star in music”.

Sanushka Jyothi Pillay

South Africa

“Sumeet’s music is food to the soul… he has the voice of an angel”.

Kamlesh Leelah


“Sumeet has not only captured the hearts of many, but has also purified their souls with his divine and melodious voice. Be it a mammoth gathering or alone, he displays such soul inspiring and blissful songs and music”.

Shivanie Harripersad

Trinidad, West Indies

“Bhajans by Sumeet Tappoo are simply amazing. The devotion by which Sumeet sings, the Divine essence is easily captured”

Menon Prashant


“Sumeet ji has a brilliant way of transcending love and compassion into his music which makes it's value or rather, sweetness, greater! If there's a voice which can boost your confidence and energy, it's definitely Sumeet Tappoo ji's.”

Raj Singh


“Sumeet Tappoo is truly a star … he has achieved exceptional skills and learning… He is brilliant and I know he will continue to make this world melodious with his golden voice”.

Anandilal Amin

Fiji islands

“It was really a privilege and an honor to hear Sumeet. With his golden voice if imagined with closed eyes, it is really a touch of his Guru, Sri Anup Jalota”.

Professor Satendra Nandan

Fiji Islands

“Sumeet is not only a talented singer with a beautiful, deep voice, he’s an accomplished artiste and performer”.

Vargav Sen


“Sumeet Tappoo is uniquely Blessed By God Himself. His Music just touches Heart and makes us all feel so happy. Hearing His lovely voice seems like tasting the Divine Nectar – we feel ‘Brahmanandam’!”


South Africa

“Sumeet has a remarkable voice. It truly transcends ones soul into a calm realm. His Sai Chalisa especially is truly a gift to all”.

Sashimendra Singh


“Sumeet is bound for greatness and his stars are shining so brightly year in and year out. Goodness and glory comes to those who are pure with their intentions and work from the heart”.

Harish Ganatra


“By his dedication and sincerity of musical aspirations, Sumeet has proved beyond doubt that he has carved a permanent name in Hindi devotional and light music”.

Vandana Kumar

New Zealand

“I love music that touches everyone heart and Sumeet’s songs are just that”.

Sundar Venugopalan


“His Bhajans reflect ‘Bhava’ (Feeling) – an essential component of soulful singing”.

Sunanda Reddy


“Sumeet Tappoo is someone wonderful and a supremely gifted singer”.

Sir Moti Tikaram

Fiji Islands

“Sumeet Tappoo has matured into a top class artist”.

Yogesh Jogia


“Sumeet sings from the heart and this gift is possessed by only a few singers”.

Ronil Bhindi

New Zealand

“A concert by Sumeet Tappoo was like a gentle breeze on a sultry day”.

Ankit Narotam

New Zealand

“His voice has a divine quality, which is drawing both young and old to the concert halls and is an inspiration to young aspiring singers and musicians out there”.

Shireen Vaswani


“Sumeet Tappoo is what I would like to call a “Breathe of Fresh Air”! He sings beautifully and has a very pleasant stage presence … holds full attention of the audience and keeps them entertained”.

Dileep Rajendran

New Zealand

“Sumeet’s songs have on many an occasions moved me to tears. The combination of his perfect voice, passion for music and love of God directly penetrates the heart”.

Darshana Singh

Fiji Islands

“When Sumeet sings, one gets the feeling that he really means it from his heart. The words and tone of his voice shows that he truly praises God with his heart and not just through his lips”.

Akshay Narotam

New Zealand

“Sumeet Tappoo is an amazing Inspiration to all young and old. His voice is so brilliant, but yet so humble”.

Natasha Maharaj

Fiji Islands

“His singing unveils the beauty of the human voice and with his every performance, creates a unique and delightful experience for the listener”.

Chandra Lodhia


“I have never seen a young man so dedicated and full of passion for music, life and love of God”.

Ashwin Kissun

Fiji Islands

“Sumeet’s music leaps to a higher level, as not only does it tantalize the ears, but penetrates the deep and often forgotten recesses of the Spiritual Heart”.

Dharma Chandra

Fiji islands

“A truly diasporic musician whose music reverberates around here and everywhere”.